HalalTalk is a professional halal representative body based in Singapore providing comprehensive both local and global halal consulting, auditing, training and brand marketing services worldwide to amongst others, halal certification bodies, manufacturers,  producers and retailers that wants to be part of the USD 3.7 trillion halal businesses worldwide. 

Founded in the year 2007, HalalTalk today is the leading neutral organization that works towards customer satisfaction 24/7 wherever they may be. HalalTalk aims to uplift the standard of the global halal infrastructure by providing a systematic structural auditing system, based on impartiality and benefiting both the producers and the halal consumers.


A Representative Body (RB) may act on behalf of an Accreditation Body (AB), a Certification Body (CB) or trade partners. An RB provides impartial internal audit, conducts trainings or a mere consultation work for both the AB & CB while performing a second or third party audit for trade partners in the area of halal. In the context of an international standard organization, an RB role is deemed crucial to the success of an overall quality audit. 


HalalTalk is a one stop halal centre that manages companies halal account from A to Z including:

  1. Managing company halal account for both new halal application and renewal wherever you are,
  2. Implementation of a new halal management system (or a revamp on the current halal system in place),
  3. Running the level 1 table risk analysis audit for halal certification bodies (HCB),
  4. Performing on-site halal consultation,
  5. Conducting pre-certification HCB on-site audit,
  6. Company representation for level 2 evaluation audit,
  7. Providing e-consultation support service 24/7 365 days a year,
  8. Trainings,
  9. Etc.